Sleeping can be considered by many people as one of the best things in life. And even if you’re a person who doesn’t like to sleep much, we all need a good night’s rest. And we each have our sleep habits . Whether it’s a nap or a long night we all sleep.

All human beings have the need to sleep. Regardless of how we do it, sleep is part of our daily routine. However, this is not to say that all people get quality sleep.

However, good quality sleep is essential for physical and mental health. And over time, poor sleep habits can lead to chronic health problems. For example, depression, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. So much so that some habits before bedtime can make you gain weight. We show some here.

1 – Heavy Meals

If you eat a heavy dinner it can make your stomach work too hard to digest all the food. This will increase your metabolism and make it harder for you to sleep. Because of this, it is recommended that heavy meals are eaten during the day so that weight gain is avoided.

2 – Sticking To The Cell Phone

Technology is more present than ever in our lives. But if you keep your eye on your cell phone until it’s time to go to sleep, it’s not a good thing. Also because this constant screen change is a distraction and prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep.

In addition, light also interferes with the body’s ability to produce melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm. Therefore, to get a better night’s sleep, it is recommended that you disconnect at least an hour before bedtime.

3 – Frying

Fried and greasy foods can taste good, but they’re also hard to digest. And because of that, they can affect the quality of sleep. For example, if someone eats a lot of French fries before bed, that person may have stomach pains and other discomforts that won’t let them sleep. So, at dinnertime, healthier and more nutritious foods are more beneficial for one’s weight.

4 – Alcoholic Beverages

Sometimes a drink at night can turn into a huge excess of alcohol. And alcoholic beverages can disrupt the sleep cycle and make you feel sleepy the next day. So it’s good to avoid drinking at night. Or give your body a few hours to process the alcohol before bedtime.

5 – Sweets

Sweet foods can also contribute to weight gain. These sugary snacks, made especially if you stay up late, can build up calories and make you fat. So it’s good to choose a fruit.

6 – Up Late

Who never thought “just one more episode” and when you saw it it was almost three in the morning?! Regardless of why you stayed up late, it’s messing with your sleep cycle. And when you go to bed late, most likely you will have a snack and may gain weight as a result. Because of that, going to bed earlier is a big benefit.

7 – Time

One of the main factors, and also one of the most overlooked, is sleep time. It is important that the person try to prioritize the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep. And for better sleep quality, it’s good to avoid caffeine from the afternoon onwards. This will give the body some time to relax before bedtime.