3 At-Home Beauty Devices
One of the most popular beauty devices at home is the Neutrogena light therapy mask, which
combines red and blue lights to combat acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. Another
inexpensive beauty device is the facial roller 永久 除 毛, which has been used in traditional Chinese beauty
treatments for centuries. Jade stone is known to have cooling properties and helps drain the
lymphatic system. This device is a great addition to your nighttime skincare routine. To learn
more about each of these devices, read on!

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The first few months after the release of the GloPRO at home beauty device saw a surge in
sales. In only 12 minutes, it had sold 22,000 units and had earned $30 million in sales. It looks
like a miniature paint roller, and its innovative technology encourages the formation of 100
percent collagen https://beautyfoomall.com/collections/hair-removal, resulting in younger-looking skin. Designed for body use, GloPRO comes with
four different Face Attachment Heads.
The DermaPore is a dual-purpose ultrasonic skincare device. It can be used to remove clogged
pores as well as infuse your favorite skincare products. The combination of these two functions
results in smaller pores and a healthier looking complexion. This device costs $65 and is a great
option for anyone who wants to achieve salon-quality skin care at home. But before you invest in
a DermaPore, consider some of the cons of this device.

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PMD Beauty
The Personal Microderm, or PMD Beauty device, works by removing the top layer of dead skin
cells. This enables skin care products to penetrate 20x deeper. The PMD Beauty device is also
capable of reducing pore size and fine lines. To use this device, you must cleanse and dry your
face thoroughly. Then, simply use the device to remove any impurities, ensuring that the surface
of your skin is clean and dry.
Flex MD
The Dermalux Flex MD is an at-home beauty device that works to reduce a wide range of skin
problems. Suitable for a wide range of skin types, this multi-functional device can be used to
combat acne, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing. Its low-temperature and maximum-power
settings ensure safe, reproducible results. The device’s packaging is impressive and recyclable.
Despite its multiple uses, it’s easy to see why people love it.
Dr Dennis Gross’s LED mask
Unlike a traditional laser-based facial treatment, Dr. Dennis Gross’s LED mask at home beauty
device is safe for use on all skin types. The device’s medical-grade LED lights stimulate natural
cell production and reduce skin discoloration. It uses red and blue LED lights to combat bacteria

and discolouration while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This mask is suitable for all
skin types, including oily, sensitive, and dry skin.
Silk’n Flash&Go Pro
The Silk’n Flash&Go Pro is an at-home beauty device that is clinically proven to deliver
professional results. Its advanced Touch&Glide sensor technology is designed to automatically
optimize treatments when the device is placed over the treatment area. Unlike traditional hair
removal devices, the Flash&Go Pro is very easy to use and can produce results in less than 20
minutes. The device costs $300. There are some limitations to the device, but overall it offers a
simple, effective solution for unwanted hair.
This at-home beauty device is an effective way to get a spa-like facial without leaving your
home. It works by delivering microcurrents to the skin in the areas you want to improve. When
used correctly, NuFACE will make a noticeable difference in your skin. If you are wondering if
NuFace is right for you, consider reading some NuFace reviews. These reviews will help you
make an informed decision when purchasing NuFACE.