Couple Move House 18 Times In 3 Years For Fear Of Cockroaches

we are all afraid of certain types of certain insects. Generally, those who are afraid of cockroaches, when they find it in a certain area of ​​the house, in addition to screaming for help, or simply running away, ask a relative to exterminate the animal. After the animal dies, life goes on, peacefully, without problems. But there are people who are so afraid that they can’t stand the idea of ​​having to continue living in the same house and, therefore, they end up moving.

Yes, I know, it sounds radial what we just said, but it happens. According to a recent report published by Odditycentral news portal, a young couple from India has moved house 18 times in just 3 years due to a phobia of cockroaches.


As reported by some media in India, the couple mentioned above live in Bhopal, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. They have been moving constantly for the past 3 years, hoping to find a house that is not inhabited by cockroaches.

The 18 times the couple moved in 3 years due to the extreme fear of cockroaches that the wife feels, ended up affecting the relationship. The husband, tired of having to deal with the problem in a radical way, is now preparing to ask for a divorce.

The partner, who works as a software engineer, only learned that his wife had a cockroach phobia in 2017, after the birth of their first child. According to the report published by the Odditycentral news portal, the fact came to light when the woman saw a cockroach in the kitchen of the residence where they lived and began to scream. The desperate screams startled everyone in the house.

The woman, after this episode, refused to enter the kitchen again and began to insist that they look for a new home. The couple moved house in 2018. Interestingly, in the new home, it didn’t take long for another cockroach to put into effect the wife’s fear.

Since then, the couple has started to live a journey of change and more change. As we said at the beginning of the article, the family has moved 18 times. Today, because of this, the husband is fed up. To try to find a new solution, which does not involve moving house, the husband and wife in several psychiatrists – some from the Institute of Medical Sciences of India (AIIMS) -, but the woman refuses to take the drugs that were prescribed.

The woman’s extreme fear of cockroaches greatly affected the couple’s relationship. The lack of interest in getting treatment also did not help her husband to continue supporting her. According to information contained in the report published by the portal Odditycentral, the marriage, currently, is on the verge of collapse.

On the one hand, the wife asserts that the spouse does not understand the problem and, therefore, puts her in the position of being mentally ill; on the other, the husband is simply fed up with the constant changes and wants to ask for a divorce.

Catsharid Phobia

Catsaridaphobia can manifest itself in many ways. Many are petrified just to hear the word cheap. Others do not support the idea of ​​having to share the same environment with the animal . But why, then, do people who feel phobia of such an animal go to the point of wanting to move?

According to the Minha Vida portal, these people are not only afraid, they also feel “disgust, disgust and aversion, mainly because they connect the image of the cockroach to dirt”. This association ends up causing discomfort, fear and the desire to get away from the environment.

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